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Succulent Workshop

Part 1

Succ: Part 2

Part 2

This tutorial is also applicable for the 2-inch version

Succ: Part 3

Part 3

Succ: T&M


Succ: Nav

How to navigate the DWB files

Guides to uploading the cut files to cutting machines

New to cutting machines? or is it the first time for you to purchase Deaney Weaney Blooms templates and need help?

Here are some video resources you may find useful.

Succ: Guide 1
Succ: Guide 2
Succ: Guide 3
Succ: PDF

Cutting the templates by hand?

Here's the recommended 

Printer Setting to print the PDF files


I hope you enjoyed making your paper Succulents!

Don't forget to send me images/ pics of your work! (Email, Instagram, Facebook, whatever works)

and if you have any questions, the quickest way to reach me is through the chatbox here on my website.

Though you can always email me at or

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