Floral Walls by Deaney Weaney Blooms

Elegant Paper Flower Walls— Handmade with love in Rochester, NY (Soon!)

Yes! We are moving from NC to Rochester, NY. This means the blooms will be available for booking starting June in Rochester 🤍


Each paper flower wall is created with extreme and tender loving care— every flower is handmade, every material is hand-picked. Our creations are fit for any celebration or space! 

Available for a wide range of events including but not limited to weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and corporate events. Celebrate your event in style with an elegantly eye-catching work of art.

Every wall is customizable to any theme. We have a range of colors and palettes to choose from— from classic creams to vibrant pinks and oranges, it's your choice.

The process

Each and every Floral wall project is treated with importance.

When you book with DWB, here's what you will be expecting:

Hand Holding Color Swatches
Pink Sea

Social Connection

We value your ideas!

Let us help you conceptualize and organize your event. Let us make your expectations become a reality.


Screen resolutions and calibrations vary and I don't trust what I see on screen. So we give and show you the actual colors we can use for your floral wall. 

Project Management

We have years of experience in project management. We will  connect with your other vendors and/or coordinators, even go to the venue (conditional) beforehand to ensure the success of the I&D (Installation and/or Dismantling).

Dedicated Support

We would never ghost on you. Most especially when we hit near the 1 month before the target or event date time, you or your coordinator will hear from us about the status of your floral wall.

Pre-made walls (for events)

We offer pre-made floral walls at a lesser cost compared to the custom colored ones. Starting at $250 you can have a premium flower wall in your event. Check out the combination of colors below that we already have in our inventory.

Making flowers to suit your event's color palette is our specialty though.

So if you prefer to have a custom wall, click on below 😊

Inquire about Custom Paper Flower Walls for your: