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Q: Can you customize a flower wall with my event's colors?

A: Absolutely! We have the pre-made options as a more affordable option, however we'd love to make you a custom wall for your event. 

Q: Do we get to keep the custom wall?

A: You absolutely can. The quotation however will be different so be sure to let us know if ever you want to keep the paper flowers.

Q: Do you only serve weddings?

A: Absolutely not! You can use the flower wall in whatever occassion you will have.

Q. Are rentals available outside of Rochester, New York?

A. We love to travel! We once served a wedding in North Carolina and drove all the way from Rochester. So we can absolutely send a quote if the event will be outside Rochester. Please note that car mileage, meals and hotel accommodation (for locations 150 mi away from 14617) will be included in the quotation.

Q: Does the paper flower wall need to be mounted on a wall?

A: No. The paper flower wall is free-standing. We also weigh it down by adding weights at the back of the wall.

Q: How long does it usually take you to set up the flower wall?

A: An 8’ x 8’ flower wall usually takes 1:30 to 2 hours to set up. That includes placing the weights in and covering the back of the flower wall.


Q: At what point do you arrive for set-up?

A: We ideally would arrive at least 4 hours before the start of the event/ cocktail hours.


Q: Can we set up the wall outside? Rentals may be set up outside if weather permits.

A. Concerning conditions such as rain and high winds risk the integrity of our walls and your event in its entirety. We recommend planning your outdoor celebration accordingly. Outdoor setup costs an additional $200. We will not set up the flower wall if the weather does not permit it and will be moved to an indoor location. The outdoor charge will be credited back to the client if this happens.

Q: Does your team stay for the entirety of the event?

A: For indoor locations, our team would leave the flower wall in the location where it is set up and will come back to the venue during the tail end of the event to take it down.

For outdoor setup, we will most likely stay the entirety of the event to look out for the flower wall in case something unexpected happens. Staff meals are requested for this instance.

Q: Can you put a signage (Lighted or non-lighted) up to the flower wall?

A: The short answer is yes. We have developed a system where we can easily put it up. This service is an additional $45 per signage and the signage should be provided by the client and delivered/ dropped off to Deaney Weaney Blooms (West Irondequoit) at least a week before the wedding. Signage pick-up will incur an additional charge. Signages differ in weight and materials and we would like to inspect and examine it first for us to be able to determine the best and most effective way to place it up. Giving the signage to us on the day of installation gives us more room for errors. We do not have any liability if any damages are incurred to the signage so we’d like to handle it with utmost care.


Q: Can I pick up and set up the wall myself to reduce the cost?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to pick up and set up the walls yourself. Our DWB setup team will manage all labor involved.


Q. Is it possible to have the wall at our ceremony moved to our reception?

A: Once the wall is set up, it cannot be relocated by anyone other than the DWB crew. Since our walls are not mobile, one would need to be dismantled and reassembled by our crew members. We recommend reserving two separate walls.

Q. Our venue requires a Certificate of Insurance/ permit to do business, etc. Do you have those?

A: We are a registered business in the county of Monroe in the state of New York and yes, we also do have a business insurance. We can present a COI to the venue. 

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