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How to make Paper sunflowers | Paper Flowers | DIY Paper Flower Craft | Paper Flower Tutorial

Sunflowers hold a special meaning in my heart. Sunflowers are a symbol of a joyous ending and a bright beginning for those who graduated from the University of the Philippines (U.P.), my Alma Mater. You see, every graduation season in U.P., sunflowers are planted and they bloom oh so brightly and pretty during the graduation ceremony.

Fast forward, exactly a decade after, I decided to make my paper flower version of the bright and sunny flower. This paper sunflower version of mine is just easy to make and it's a great craft project for beginners.

You can make them then display them at home or give a stem or 2 to someone special.

The sunflower is known for it's thin yellow petals and round center. Two (2) sizes of the templates are available- a 4 inch and a 6 inch version, both provided with 3 options for both the petals and centers.

If you are using a cutting machine, you can use the SVG and DXF cut file provided. A PDF template is also included if you are cutting your sunflowers by hand.

Sunflowers have different variations so I ended up using different colors while developing and making the template but when I was doing the tutorial, I mostly sticked with using a yellow cardstock for the petals.

Once you are done making the sunflowers, you can decide if you are just gonna make the flower or if you'll be adding a stem to it and placing it in a narrow vase or even a champagne bottle.

Whatever you decide, please share it with me! I always love seeing your version of my DIY projects 💕. When you are ready to share kindly tag me on Instagram or Facebook @deaneyweaneyblooms.

Without further ado, Let's get crafting 😊

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Once you have your materials ready, let's jump into making them!

Here's the video tutorial:

You can also check the video tutorial for the 4-inch version here.

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,


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