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DIY Paper Flower diaries: How to make a paper daffodil | Paper daffodil SVG template for Cricut

March just ended and I honestly haven't published this blog yet (Oops).

I started drafting this post on the first day of March because honestly, I was so looking forward to spring and I thought, what a good way to celebrate the (in my case) hopeful coming of spring other than to DIY and make a daffodil out of paper. 🌼

A pot of paper daffodils

Last January, I brainstormed a paper flower class that I was supposed to teach early in the first half of March. I always wanted to make a template for each flower of the month, so I figured let's truly make a daffodil for March. 😀

Designing the paper flower template of the daffodil was a challenge for me because even if the flower itself is simple but since my main medium is cardstock, the challenge for me is to make sure that the finished product will not look like an elementary school project.

The techniques I used to add a bit of life and realism to the paper flower are, one,

adding a two-tone color using a marker to the top part of the daffodil's corona.

Next, to add texture to the plain and flat paper, I added lines using a white pen.

To add more texture, I then added folds (using the fan-fold technique) to the corona.

For the petals, to add a realistic effect, I also used a white pen to apply lines that should look like the veins of the petals.

Here’s a full list of the tools and materials:

  • You can also use the yellow cardstock from this pack.

🌼 Wire

Here is the full Paper daffodil video tutorial:

Here's the paper daffodil template I designed and used.

I sell this pot of daffodil at craft markets for $30. And so far it always sells 🥰

Try your hand at making this paper daffodil during your free time.

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See you on the next blog!



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