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"Fall" in love with DWB's uniquely handcrafted Paper Flower Bookmarks

A bookworm who loves to collect and read good books must have these uniquely handcrafted paper flower bookmarks by Deaney Weaney Blooms. They are now available for pre-order on our website,

But above anything else, we cannot limit these fall-inspired paper flower blooms in bookmarks. Believe it or not, there are multiple ways you can use it!

1. Decorate it in a vase

These are perfect flower vase decorations for your fall-themed look in your house. The good thing about it is it never wilts or dies!

2. Wall Decor

Decorate your walls! Dig deep into your creativity and start making those dull-looking walls into rustic and fall-inspired wall art using adhesives like washi tape, masking tape, or painter's tape.

3. Curtain pull back

You can use these paper flowers as a tieback accent to add a feminine touch to any room by wrapping them around each curtain.

4. Bridal Gifts

These personalized Paper Flowers are a perfect, lovely sentimental keepsake you can give to your besties, bridesmaids, and maid of honor to show your appreciation and gratitude for helping you through your wedding journey.

In conclusion, these aren't just a piece of generic product that you will be receiving. You will be getting something from an artist who intricately handcrafted each work of art especially for you.

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