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DIY Paper Orchid

New Template Saturday!

Our DIY Paper Orchid SVG Template is finally available.

It's honestly a craft simple enough to do.




But... Another craft that requires patience just because of the multiple components included Nevertheless it's fun to make!

I do sell the finished pot for $55 at markets and online. It sells well online. 🥰

Here's the video tutorial:

Part 1 is available with the template.


White pen-

Floral Wire 22 gauge (Wire used for the leaves)-

• Floral Wire 20 gauge (Wire mostly used in the craft)- I usually buy in person from Walmart -Alternative

• Floral wire 18 gauge (Sturdier stem)- I usually buy in person from Walmart -

• Garden Stone: I usually buy from my local Lowe's Improvement -


• Bamboo Skewer: I usually buy from my local Walmart or Dollar Tree Store -


Heads Up! This page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

If you're able to make one, don't forget to send us a picture of your work!


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