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Amazon Prime day is here! And here are Deaney's picks 🎨

Amazon Prime Day kicks off today, and I’ve checked the items, tools, and supplies that I have tried, loved, and have lived by and see what’s included in the sale and I’m excited to share it with you!

Craft Supplies

The pots I use for my best-selling paper flower pots are on sale! I love these pots.

It’s $20+ normally and it’s just $16+ this Prime Day. The quality of the pots is very good— They are thick and don’t break easily plus it is very well packaged. So come and hoard with me (most especially in preparation for this upcoming Christmas shopping season 😉)

For my flower centers, quilling tools help me curl the centers faster. And it’s on sale!

I have recently tried materials from HTVRONT, most especially the Chameleon HTV and their cardstock and I’m in love! Most of their products are on sale right now!


To capture my content and create my online classes, my life depends on my tripod and it’s on sale! I believe I bought it for $135 last year, it’s just $94.52 this Prime Day (s).

The sleekest heat press on the market right now is HTVRONT’s automatic heat press. It makes your work efficient too!

Craft show/ market display

Since I moved to Rochester, NY, I have started to join local markets. And as someone who worked as an exhibit designer before, I can get a little obsessive about my display (but I also am obsessed with just keeping it low cost), and here’s your chance to get these items I’ve tried at a lower cost!

Here’s a recent display I set up at just last weekend’s market

Here are some of the items I used here:

Tent with sidewalls

This is the tent that I have used. A little disclaimer: it’s not the easiest to set (up) and sturdiest tent there is. Honestly, it takes two people to pull/spread the aluminum frame out and I remove the ceiling/tent from the frame every time I pack it coz the fabric is thin and it doesn’t fit the bag that’s included if I fit it in. With the other more durable tents that cost more, you just leave the ceiling fabric with the frame, making the setup/breakdown faster. Hence if you participate in outdoor markets every week or frequently, I highly DO NOT recommend this tent.

But if you just want to try and get your feet wet in selling at outdoor markets, with its current price of $115.99, it’s a steal! I believe I bought mine for $140+.

It includes the 3 side walls, 4 sandbag containers, and a bag for the fabric and aluminum frame.

However, If you are looking for a more durable tent, ABCCanopy’s tent is also on sale!

It’s just twice the price, but again if you intend to join markets on a regular or frequent basis, this is more for you.

The arc plant stand

Believe it or not, they are on sale! These stands partnered with Ennoble’s animal planters and my flowers were a show stealer at this past weekend’s market. People from the other side of the street would walk over!

Just a note that in my previous show, I had to install and dismantle them onsite to fit in my car. I don’t have a huge car, but if you do, then you can definitely just bring them already assembled. that would save you time. But what I’m trying to say is, if you don’t have a spacious car that can fit this together with your other things, this is not advisable to have in every show. My show/ market last weekend was my first art show, hence I wanted it to be extra fancy 😉


These elegant pegboards are truly useful and I promise, they are a very good investment. I have used them as my video background, I have used them as a box tower, etc. There are so many configurations you can do with it. And in addition, I have also used them to display earrings, ornaments, and even my best-selling pots (as seen in the image)!

This folding rack (on the left) is not included in the Prime deal sale but its current price is a good steal! I believe I was able to buy it at $65+ a few months ago, now it’s just $50.40. They are stackable and no installation is needed. The shelves just fold up and it’s also easy to transport since it’s just flat.

And... That's it for now, Happy Prime Day, friends!

Lots of love and flowers,


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