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Making a DIY paper rose Christmas ornament

Christmas is just around the corner and so are the holiday markets.

I wanted to network locally here in Rochester, New York and for me, joining holiday craft markets is one way to do so.

I have tons of paper scraps from my previous projects and I was able to create a number of paper rosebuds from those crafts.

I was just brainstorming one night on how to "Christmas-fy", as I would like to call it, my already made stalks and I just thought of this somewhat combination of a ball and a wreath using my paper rosebud stalks.

I share the tutorial on how to make the Christmas ornament in the video below.

I used the 5-inch Duchess rose template for the rosebud stalks

Enjoy making them and don't forget to tag us at @deaneyweaneybloom 😁

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