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Filler patterns for unused paper spaces when cutting with a cutting machine

Why does my title sounds like a thesis title? haha. Sorry Can't seem to think of a proper "fun" name.

But kidding aside, I have been endorsing and encouraging fellow crafters for days now to join me in my advocacy of minimizing waste by using filler patterns, one with a cutting machine such as Cricut or Silhouette (Cameo) to use when cutting.

So to further elaborate, when you cut a big pattern with a cutting machine, you cannot use every space in the paper and often than not, there would be an unused space that just goes in the trash bin. and I tell you, I cringe whenever I have to throw these piece of scraps.

So what I usually do, I started to have my go-to patterns that I usually fill in to those unused spaces, and when I accumulate enough (which is just fast specially if you do 15-20 pages per paper rose/ flower) I can assemble another flower using those "fillers".

So for example, I did cut a 17'' rose with almost 18 pieces of paper, I also assembled an 8'' dahlia and 1 3-in mini roses. Bottom line is I am minimizing waste, at the same time, I am saving paper :)

Example: The big rose I mentioned above is on the bottom left (17.5 pcs of cardstock), and I formed one dahlia (upper left) and one 3 inch mini rose (mid right). The dahlia on the lower right and the rest of the mini roses are from scraps I accumulated through out my crafting journey

And by the way, as part of this advocacy of mine, the filler petals are free :). You can download them by going to this page

and clicking at the image of: Filler Petals(To save those unused paper space)

The dahlia patterns on the other hand are available here:

(Click on the image)

Click on the image

And to help you with the filler petals (on the many ways to assemble it)

Here are a few tutorials:

1. Option 1

Filler flowers fit for covering up those empty spaces on your (paper flower) bouquet made from scraps you can accumulate and make when you utilize those unused spaces when you cut with your cutting machine.

2. Option 2

3 inch mini roses you can use for bouquets (just add a stem) or wall installation projects or shadow boxes, or even as a center to your larger flower

So I hope you do use these filler to save paper and do continue to join me in my

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Thank you!

Love Lots,

Deaney Weaney

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