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Deaney Weaney Blooms: The origins and an introduction

In a nutshell, my craft, Deaney Weaney Blooms was born out of, first, my non preference for fresh flowers and my love for crafting. and here is the story so far:

The origins

At first, I was supposed to to name it Forever Blooms, however, upon looking it up, it was already in use so I first named it Fresh and Forever Blooms, As I was posting pictures in instagram and facebook however, I don't think the name is memorable enough and it was also hard to use in a hash tag, then suddenly it hit me, why not use the pet name I use for myself ever since I was in college, Deaney Weaney. So I then change it to what it is now, and as I progress into making crafts, I am finding the "Blooms" part of the name very apt because as I was able to make templates myself and do paper sculptures, I believe, I was also blooming in my craft.

First Flower Bouquet

The first paper flower bouquet that I made was​​ the bouquet I used for my husband and I's Civil wedding last August. I got the patterns from Lia Griffith's website (It's free check it out)

However, as you can notice, I almost copied everything (except for the beads, and my colors are a bit more lively).

I did not have a magical Cricut that time so I did everything by hand, even cut the pattern manually. took me I guess two weeks to make this.

First project

After my husband and I's civil wedding, we were scheduled to have our Church Wedding on the 25th of March of this year in the Philippines. And I took the event as a good opportunity to be the first big project of Deaney Weaney Blooms to which I can showcase my capabilities and creativity. So I made and designed the accessories, which consists of bouquets, boutonnieres, clutches and baskets for the whole entourage. I also designed and made the Stationery/ Invitations for our guests (which I will detail in another future post)

Future Projects and Plans

For now I am just letting my imagination run loose and am continuing crafting until my portfolio expands. Good thing I have a patient and supportive husband, since this stuff can get really messy. Haha

Lots of love,

Deaney (^^,)

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