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Part 1

Shop front Display and exhibition designer for Panasonic Philippines

I am a Filipina designer based in the USA. I recently moved from Asheboro, North Carolina to Rochester, New York. You most likely have guessed that I have a passion for the craft of paper flowers upon visiting my website.


Before my discovery of the craft, I have worked as an exhibition, shop display, and graphic designer for years prior to moving to the US in 2016.  


After earning a BFA degree in Industrial design from the University of the Philippines- Diliman, I initially wanted to pursue Furniture design. However, the opportunities present at that time led me to a career in visual merchandising and exhibition design.

I worked for Panasonic Philippines for a couple of years a shop front display designer and supervisor. I was in charge of designing and implementing the company's display booths and racks for their distributors' stores nationwide. The scope of my responsibility also included design, implementation and logistics of trade show booths, convention displays, and corporate and dealer showrooms.

The design of graphics of my displays is an integral part of the projects I have handled. At the beginning of my career in Panasonic Philippines, I also designed and laid out the graphics included in my display racks and booths. Later on, my team expanded and under my supervision and direction, I eventually had a dedicated graphic designer for my section.

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