Deane Nieva- Bautista

(Dean Ni-ye-va Bao-tees-tuh)

is a Filipino exhibition and graphic designer living in Rochester, New York.


Shop front Display and exhibition designer for Panasonic Philippines

After earning a BFA degree in Industrial design from the University of the Philippines- Diliman, I initially wanted to pursue furniture design.

However, the opportunities present at that time led me to visual merchandising and exhibition design.


Event Marketing specialist and manager at ARCA

"Deane was also fearless when it came to taking on new tasks. During my time working with her, Deane pushed herself to learn new creative software and began editing and expanding our virtual product catalog. She also took over leadership of our in-house graphic design services and led our rebranding efforts for our services team."


- Taylor Narewski, Global Partner Marketing Manager at JAGGAER


The Pandemic and beyond: Designer and Founder of Deaney Weaney Blooms

Everyone was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic one way or another.

I was working from home since my maternity leave ended in December of 2019. I was scheduled to go back to working in the office in May of 2020, however, since the tradeshow industry was one of the industries directly affected by the pandemic, I was let go a month prior just when the pandemic was peaking its height. I took it as an opportunity to stay home, take care of my then 6-month old daughter and continue working on my side business of paper flowers.