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Create your own large organza flowers with ease!


Tools and Materials:

Organza Options • Styrofoam ball

• (What I used)- •Cheaper Option-


Bamboo Skewer-


Fabric Marker

• White pen (What I used)-

• Erasable Fabric Marker-


Ball head Sewing Pins-


Cutting mat-


Hot glue sticks-


Glue gun-


Floral Tape-


White floral wire:

• 22-gauge (What I used)-

• 18-gauge-


Coupling: • Single:

• Pack:

You will also get 1 PDF file with the link to the tutorial and notes.

Please review this file before proceeding with making the craft.


Message me here on our website, or email me at if you have any questions or concerns.


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Giant Organza Rose

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