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A pair of earrings with a quilled paper center inspired by Philippine star-shaped lanterns called "PAROL".


Additional Information:


  • Size: 1.75 x 2.5 in
  • The earring hook is 100% iron and nickel-free
  • Packaging Dimension: 9” x 6” mailer
  • Materials: 3mm/1/8 inch laser cut gold mirror, green, red, and white matte acrylic sheet plastic, and white cardstock coated with water proof sealer.


  • Care Instruction
    • Handle with care to prolong its lifespan (i.e., Do not squish the center)
    • The earrings are covered in a protective coating but avoid directly watering or misting the pair. 
    • You can use a brush to set off the dust
    • Store in a dry location


  • Additional Information
    • All products are specially handcrafted for you, each piece might differ from another.
    • There may be color variations due to lighting and camera exposure settings.
    • No cancellations, exchanges, or refunds once orders are made.


  • Processing time:
    • 3-5 days


  • Shipping:
    • Orders $99 and above ship free.

Busilak (Immaculate)

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