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These beautiful flower set is 100% handmade by Deaney out of paper cardstock (that varies from 65lb-110lb) from her humble studio in Asheboro, NC.


This set includes the following paper flowers

(You can check the 2nd image provided):

2 pcs- 13 inch Duchess rose

2 pcs- 14 inch Rose 65

2 pcs- 12 inch Sunflower
2 pcs- 7.5 inch Duchess rose

2 pcs- 6 inch Sunflower

2 pcs- 5 inch Duchess rose

9 assorted leaves



  • Bees
  • Special Colors

Can be customized to any color of your choice. Please refer to the second image for the color names that corresponds to each flowers (i.e. Color 1, etc).


Then kindly refer to Images 6-10 for the colors available. If the color you want is not there,  feel free to message me prior to ordering to discuss options or leave me a note in the “Note to Deaney” box.


A few notes:

  • The colors in the default image are R2, R3 and OPY3.
  • Flowers come assembled but separate from each other so you’re free to arrange them as you’d like. 
  • Sizes are approximations and each flower may be slightly different since they are  handmade.


12 piece Paper Flower Set 1a (Free Shipping)

PriceFrom $115.00
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