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The neutral paper flower backdrop

The neutral paper flower backdrop, as I call it has been my best seller or has been the flower wall that has been rented the most.

Composed of white, cream, tan, and gold paper flowers, the composition blends well with classy wedding setups, and most especially nowadays, it fits well with the boho trend.

At first, I didn't think the colors would go so well together. The original wall I put up before this had burgundy flowers. That was actually the first paid rental wall I had—It was during the height of Covid when I was deprived of human and social interaction. So the experience was a nice change and break. After that event, which was by the end of 2020, I decided that for the next year, I'd pursue renting flower walls in the Triad region of NC, where we were based at the time.

By the start of 2021, I signed up for what was a semblance of a wedding trade show then. In-person gatherings and in-door tradeshows were still restricted by then so it was more of a sponsorship. We were able to place our brochures and leaflets in a box that was distributed to engaged couples. I was fortunately allowed to put up and place a wall in the venue.

However, I don't think a burgundy wall would be a crowd pleaser or is "neutral enough" for display. It was a good thing that the rest of the colors of the wall, the creams, white, and gold are "neutral" shades, so I thought to just change the burgundy flowers. I was initially thinking of going for gray, but then I eventually went for tan. And oh, gosh, did it blend so well 🤍

However, by the summer of 2021, I moved to Rochester, New York. I was encouraged by locals to still produce and rent the flower walls since there's little competition in the area.

I've let go of almost all my large paper flower inventory except for the gold ones. But I will always have a fire for this craft, so I got back up on my feet and made the new version of my neutral paper flower wall.

I added a beautiful addition of off-white/ ivory paper dahlia cafe au lait(s). The beautiful bride who rented this wall requested green leaves and it just went very well with my neutral paper floral backdrop 😍

It kind of crossed my mind to rename the wall, I don't think "Pre-made neutral wall" is the best name for it. Haha. Any suggestions? 😀

The "Premade neutral wall" is available for rent in Rochester, New York, and nearby areas.

I do love to travel, so if you're not based nearby, that's not a problem 😊

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1 Comment

Vivian Socias
Vivian Socias
Aug 21, 2022

Hi! Can I tell you first of all I absolutely love this wall of flowers. It's spectacular! I love the use of colors, the different sizes and flowers, and just the enormous size of it all. I've been watching your video of how to construct this wall since last night. I too am a fellow crafter and absolute kdrama addict! Both of these hobbies started for me back when the pandemic hit in 2020. I am here in the bay area, CA, but I feel like you are my long lost twin, lol. Plus, I love love neutral colors. Btw, I think you should name the wall, "Nutrella" (neutral and nutella) I don't know why that popped in my head.…

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