The best Cricut® machine for crafting Paper Flowers

The best Cricut® machine for Paper Flowers

Dun dun dun dun....

The best Cricut® for paper flowers is....

Well, ok let's keep the suspense in the air first. Before we get to that, I want you to check first the chart below from :

Cricut graph

By looking at this chart, the best Cricut® machine to make paper flowers with then is...

Well, it will largely depend on you, the USER.

(who will be making the flowers or project).

The biggest factor to consider here is:

The use of the machine for you.

So, What will you use it for and how, my dear?

That leads to another important factor

Materials you will be using.

What materials are you planning to use it with?

Which opens a whole pandora box of questions like (all of which are connected to the craft and making of paper flowers and we will be recommending a machine per question later on)

  • Will it just be for a hobby?

  • Will you use it for the business of paper flowers?

  • Are you going to make and sell hard copy templates?

  • Are you gong to make flowers for a paper flower wall or bouquets?

  • Or are you gonna be like me (Deaney) who makes digital templates and just make samples?

  • Then, what material do you plan to use? Are you just gonna use card stock or thinner materials like construction paper? or are you also gonna use fine crepe paper? or fabric for fabric flowers?

  • Besides from paper flowers, are you also planning to make and cut crafts that use thicker materials?

So I believe there's not one concrete and definite answer to this question, it would solely and largely depend on you, the future user.

It is like when you are choosing the right phone for you– if you are the type who only use a cellphone just for calling and texting (though there might be a minimal percentage who is like that nowadays but for the sake of this argument), then why would you get an iPhone X plus, right?

Here's my brief summary per model based on the chart above:

Let's begin with