Sofia’s first birthday in the time of Corona

Hey there! I've been a busy bee since I last shared a blog last August.

Well, I got caught up in preparation of my daughter's 1st birthday party.

You know, paper flowers and all 😀.

Having worked as an event manager recently, I was already planning my daughter’s first birthday when she was just about two months old (Dec 2019). My side of the family, except for my mom, has not seen her personally yet so I was planning to have the celebration back in the Philippines, and have her baptism and baptism party at the same time, hitting two birds with one stone. I even already started contacting suppliers at that time.

But you know what happened. 😷

All of us needed to adapt to the new normal.

Now, about the first to early second quarter of the year I was still hoping and praying that we can still travel and celebrate with our family back in the Philippines, however when it was starting to stretch to the summer and the pandemic was still getting worse, I know we’ll be having a quarantined 1st birthday celebration.

At the end of the day, it is just better to be safe than sorry.

The theme

I started conceptualizing and planning her birthday party on July, about 3 months before her birthday. Well, as my aunt commented in one of my social media posts before, a lot of babies go through a "Siopao" face and it just indicates that they are healthy.

A Siopao literally meaning "hot bun", is the Philippine cuisine indigenized version of the Cantonese steamed bun called cha siu bao.