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Let's catch up!

I was looking at the latest blog post I have in my blog, and it was dated April 19, 2019 which was almost a year and a half ago! Geesh I'm just terrible at keeping things updated 😂

Time just flew by indeed. I bet no one had an idea than of what has came and took over this year.

First off, how are you, my dear friend?

I do hope you are doing fine.

Let's do a catch up since my last blog post.

1. I am now a mom!

This is probably the most unexpected thing that happened to me last year. I always thought I was barren and was not capable of producing and multiplying but lo and behold, I now have a fussy baby who keeps me up every night.

Motherhood is indeed very tough but... Okay, okay! I'm also a part of "she melts my heart with every single smile" mommies.

2. I got to dress up a local bridal shop with paper roses

Templates used: Duchess Roses bundle

Credit to @elizabellasbridal for images 1 & 2 (left and center)

This project definitely deserves it's own post.The images above are just 2 parts (1 and 3 are the same wall) of the many areas that DWB roses are installed in.

This is one true testimony where giving free work at first went a long way. The previous owner was a former office mate of mine and since I just love making flowers and she was my friend, all of the work I did for her was free. When the new owner took over, she loved the flower sign (In image 1) and asked me to do the 1st wall (Image 1 & 3), then the 2nd wall followed (center image), then the secondary wall, then window display and even the restroom! (Watch out for my next blog posts, I'll post pictures!)

3. I'm one out of 6 workers in America (or this ratio is most likely worse now).

When my daughter was born, I was playing 4 roles in this game called life <queue dramatic music>; A mom, a wife, an employee and a solo-preneur.

I was an event marketing manager for a local fintech firm in NC, and since in-person events and trade shows are not happening anymore due to the pandemic, I was laid off from my day job last April.

Honestly, I had a love and hate relationship with my previous job. I won’t sugar coat it though, the company I was working for already had waves of layoffs prior so I thought I was ready for it when my turn came.

Well, I actually was ready but let me tell you, as one of my former coworkers told me

“It still sucks”.

4. Chasing the dream

Templates used: Duchess Roses bundle

But even with everything that has happen and is still happening, I try to be positive in these times of uncertainty. I took it as a sign for me to let go and focus on my first ever baby, my brand,Deaney Weaney Blooms (DWB).

For the past two and a half years that I had a corporate job, I tried to juggle and tried and tried and just tried to take DWB to the next level. Even promising numerous times to you my lovely subscribers that I would be active, share content, give freebies, etc. But I never did. Since I’m not an employee anymore, let’s just use the excuse “My dayjob got in the way”.

So what's next? I'll be plucking one role out of the equation and focus more on Deaney Weaney Blooms.

So you'll definitely hear from me more often (not that quite often since I'm still a solopreneur, but more often that before 😁)!

But before we part, keeping true to my promise, I have added new stuff!

Check out my Etsy shop for new and updated templates and new videos on my Youtube channel!




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