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Behind the Scenes: The making of paper birds of paradise stalks

You know I love to document the behind the scene moments of my memorable projects 😁

Here's one.

Right before 2020 ended, I reached out to the founder of a local Pop up Studio. I saw the business on Instagram and I really thought DWB’s paper flowers can add beauty and value to the scenes of their pop-up studio.

I was thinking that it may be spring that I’ll get the chance to work with them but the founder informed me my timing was impeccable because she was looking for a paper artist to render some pieces for the scene she was envisioning: A tropical-themed setup.

She was looking to have giant birds of paradise stalks and 2 other arrangements.

I was very much challenged because I haven’t done this flower before. It was a common flower back in the Philippines and I believe I was able to see actual ones before but I was not so interested in flowers while I was still based there so I didn’t really bother.

So for this project, I was pretty much glued to the images of the flower so I can make it look as realistic as possible.

Anyhow, without further ado, you can see a glimpse of my process here:

Just a warning though, I never claimed that I am a neat and organized person.

It gets more chaotic at the end, where I was almost near the deadline 😂

Are you or anyone you know is based in NC? Tickets for the pop-up studio with 3 wonderful scenes begins today.

So be sure to check it out and also let your friends know about it 😁

Lastly, would you be interested if I offer a workshop with templates for this flower/ project?

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