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Paper Flower Project: Multi functional decor

When designing display used in retail environments, I love to conceptualize something that is multi-functional- or has a dual purpose.

I probably enjoyed making paper flowers so much that all along I just made them to become decorative.

But looking back last year when I started work herein the US, the frugal person in me decided to make a picture frame from scratch for my desk.

The result was an unconventional Paper flower picture holder.

This is probably the first paper flower project I made that is multi functional (or dual purpose).

Basically, the decor is composed of arranged paper flowers in a pot with wooden clips that you can always use as a home or desk decor in which you can also hang pictures or memos and use it as a picture or memo holder.

And, here's the tutorial for the project:

Tutorial for the paper rose:

Tools and Materials: 65lbs cardstock or thicker: Red- Pink- Green-

On a side note, glad to be back!

Love Lots,


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