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Autumn Paper Flower Wall Decor

Autumn is fast approaching, and I am somewhat lamenting that summer's about to end.

From someone who spent most of her life in a country that only have two seasons– summer and typhoon or monsoon (or as I have researched it, we only have wet and dry season), I remember loving autumn when I first experienced it two years ago.

However after having experienced my first full blown winter this year and the last, I am finding myself not really comfortable that autumn is fast approaching, it signifies the coming of winter.

(Yep, I love Game of thrones, Haha, hence the line!).

I realized I never appreciated the humid and very hot season of the Philippines enough until I experienced the bitter coldness of winter.

Haha anyway, enough of my drama!

Autumn is coming and I am excited for all things pumpkin spice! Yay!

This is one of my wall decor in our bedroom (that was the intention for this craft and the photo is below:

Deaney Weaney Craft space with paper flower home decor

You can however use the flowers for backdrop decor as well


*Paper Flower templates from Deaney Weaney Blooms (

*2 x 2 ft plywood from Home Depot

*65lbs cardstock from Michaels

*Construction paper from Hobby Lobby

*Acrylic paint and glue sticks from Walmart

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