Flowerception: "Flowers within a flower" New Paper Flower Template Collection from Deaney


Is something I must have picked up during my first year in design school "nth" number of years ago. One of my professors in a design subject has this "Level of Difficulty" Criteria when she grades our plate or project. Being the grade obsessed student that I was, most of what I did before tend to be kind of intricate in order for me to achieve high grades (with that particular professor).

Nth of number of years after, (Now that) I am trying my hand at something I do enjoy (Making Paper flowers duh!) my go-to route to be different from others that also do and make paper flower templates, is to be intricate in my designs.

So now, I introduce my new template collection, "Flowerception: Flowers within a flower" to which I coined from "Inception", you know the Leonardo diCaprio movie which has the concept of a "dream within a dream"

The collection is composed of 6 templates, 5 of which are available in my Etsy shop


and the 6th one is a freebie!

A bundle with all the 5 templates is also available at a lower price! (and of course also included is a great chance to get the freebie)


And since I'm feeling extra generous while writing this blog post,