DIY Home Decors: Banyo Decors (with links to free image and SVG files!)

My husband and I relocated from Indiana to North Carolina (because he accepted a new job) last spring; And of course we moved to a new apartment, which I was quite excited about because in our new one, we can punch holes and display on the wall, unlike in our previous one.

Which means, Yey! I can totally do some decors we can display at home.

So up to no avail, I started some since we moved,

Here's the latest group:

Banyo Decors

Banyo or "baño" means toilet or restroom in Tagalog/ Filipino, my native language and Spanish respectively.

Quick Philippine/ Filipino Trivia: We were colonized by the Spaniards for more than 300 years. That's why our culture is heavily influenced with Spanish elements. Hence our native language, Tagalog has plenty of Spanish loan words.

a. Start each day With a Grateful Heart

Plenty of us (if not almost all of us, start our day in our toilets or bathroom to take a bath, wash our face or admit it or not, unload, right?) So this frame is a simple reminder that despite an incoming busy or boring day, were still alive and kicking, and it would be perfect to start our day with a grateful heart :)

Oh, and why mermaid? I secretly wanted to be Ariel (of little Mermaid) when I was young.

Haha. I love mermaids.

How I did it?

I cut a cream colored card stock in my Cricut and placed it in a blue background I printed in a white cardstock. I then sandwiched both in a clear see through 10 x 13 frame.


1. you can Find the Svg file of "Start each Day with a grateful heart heart" here

2. You can download the blue wash out background for free here

3. 10 x 13'' clear see through frame (available at Walmart for $5-$6)

You can however use the cut file differently (with vinyl stickers). The possibilities are endless :)