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Part 3

The Pandemic and beyond: Designer and Founder of Deaney Weaney Blooms

I was working from home since my maternity leave ended in December of 2019. I was scheduled to go back to working in the office on May of 2020, however, since the tradeshow industry was directly and was immediately affected by the pandemic, I was let go a month prior just when the pandemic was peaking its height.


I took it as an opportunity to stay at home, be safe, and  take care of my then 6-month old daughter and continue working on my side business of paper flowers.


Everyone was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic one way or another.

I started Deaney Weany Blooms right after we moved from Indiana to North Carolina in May of 2017. It was one of my creative outlets and has generated passive income through digital template sales while I was working my full-time job as an event marketing specialist.

Being a small business owner, I wore many hats, and one of them is being the graphic designer for my own business. This website, a work from scratch, is a prime example of my work. Every image and graphic you see here is shot, edited  and designed by myself.

Some of my clients to whom I made flower installations for also became my clients for graphic and branding design.

I recently moved from North Carolina to Rochester, New York. I am a committed individual to my clients and my work. I stayed back in NC longer to see through my bookings and commitments.

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