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Part 2

Event Marketing specialist and manager at ARCA

After moving to the U.S.A., I was able to work for ARCA, a medium-sized fintech company based in Mebane, North Carolina. Because of my experience as an exhibition designer, I stood out among the candidates for the position.


"She was also effective. During her first year, she was able to reduce our expenses by 8% and increase leads at our trade show events by 49%. This effectiveness was due to Deane redirecting our resources to more valuable shows where we could stand out and meet the right prospects.""

-Taylor Narewski, Global Partner Marketing Manager at JAGGAER, 


The company's marketing communications team I was a part of was a powerhouse that served as the company's in-house agency— Each team player handled multiple roles. My background in design was very advantageous in my role. Apart from designing the layout and booth for a number of tradeshows ARCA participated in, I also assisted in designing and laying out a number of graphic materials needed for the tradeshows.

When the company downsized in the summer of 2019, I filled in the role of the graphic designer for the team. 


During my tenure in ARCA, the team spearheaded the development and implementation of ARCA's Automation hub. It's an organized set of product videos and customer testimonials designed to be easily presented to customers and potential clients. It was a way to eliminate the cost of having to bring the big and heavy machines to every tradeshow, saving hundreds even thousands of dollars in logistics cost.

The Automation Hub

My skills in web deveopment and graphic design were put to use when I helped in the development and led the maintenance of the Lite versions of the Automation hub. It contains the same set of presentations of the full versions, but in a form of an offline website that can be stored in any device. An internet or any connection is not needed.

It was initially developed as a tool to help sales executives effectively present the company's products whenever they walk the tradeshow floor. However, it was eventually used as a sales tool for presentations in general.

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