Deane Bautista

Hey there!

I'm Deaney

I'm an experienced exhibition and display designer who fell madly in love with creating and designing paper flowers.

I founded Deaney Weaney Blooms (DWB) in July of 2017 after I felt the therapeutic and blissful effects of making paper flowers since making the whole set of flowers for my own wedding.

My story


I grew up in a modest middle-class family in the suburbs of Sta. Rosa, Laguna in the Philippines. Growing up, the family's needs were provided by my hard-working dad, and being the eldest among siblings of 3, I became naturally resourceful and self-dependent. I would stretch out what I had and work with only what was given so I wouldn't need to ask more from my parents.

In college, I took Industrial design which all the more sparkled and fueled my love for creating things. After graduation, I worked as a shopfront display and exhibition designer for a multinational electronics company where I have learned to manage projects. 


Later on, I had a whirlwind romance with a former high school classmate. We got married, and I moved with him to the USA.


Skipping to a few years later, we now have our little bundle of joy, our little boss baby,  "Siopao" (her nickname which means Pork filled bun in Filipino). We currently live in a small town in North Carolina with our naughty corgi, Kasparov. If I am not making paper flowers, I'm probably changing Siopao's diaper, bathing or feeding her 🤣