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Order a Flower wall

We can absolutely make a wall/ backdrop for you or
make paper flowers for your wall and ship them to you

If you are local to Rochester, please answer this form

If we will be shipping the flowers, please answer this form

Pricing and How does it work?

The pricing for flowers for an 8 x 4ft space starts at $950 ($1,800 for an 8 x 8), shipping excluded. It takes 3-4 boxes (7-8 boxes for an 8 x 8 ft) to ship this amount of paper flowers. Shipping costs vary. You can check the estimated shipping cost with Pirate Ship. The zip code of origin is 14617 (United States), the size of the boxes is 24 x 18 x 18 each box and the weight is 8 lbs per box. You can also provide the shipping labels. The time frame is 2-3 weeks.

Do you ship worldwide? We can! Just check the shipping cost through Pirateship. And again, you can also provide the labels? Tax and import fees will be shouldered by the client. We also do not hold any liability for shipping damages and delay.
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